Telling tales

Telling tales



While schoolgirls may not always concentrate on their lessons; they are renowned for being most observant when it comes to studying their teachers. And so was the case at Cremorne Girls High. Every idiosyncrasy was closely observed; certain teachers became hapless victims of harmless, mischievous pranks; others were totally unaware of being targeted.

Teachers were closely scrutinised; quirky mannerisms, dress styles, temperaments, even odd habits.  It was a well-known fact that French teacher Miss Adlum wore coloured drawers which reached almost to her knees. Initial rumours were confirmed by numerous girls, who deliberately dropped their pens on the floor so they could have a peep. ...

Girls seized opportunities to have a bit of fun, particularly on “muck-up days”. Art teacher Harry Peate, the first male teacher appointed to the all girls’ school, received his share of mischievous teasing, although it has been said he quite enjoyed it.

Studying Shakespeare’s historical play Henry IV, Part I, for the LC in 1956, led to a  fifth year student taping a quotation from the play to the windscreen of his car, which read: “Why have I this fortnight been a banished woman from my Harry’s bed?”  It is not difficult to imagine the amused twitch of his lips that afternoon, which also happened to be the students’ final day.


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