Music was her life

Music was her life


Sharyn Wicks started high school life in 1969. This is a brief excerpt from her story:

S8_CGHS_1969_Class_1A‘As it was a small school of 600 girls, there was an intimate atmosphere; we knew all the staff and most of the students. I think everyone has good and bad memories of school days, but no one can deny that they contribute to our growth as human beings. Along with the guidance of our parents, school life makes such an impression on us.

My mother, Beryl Gribble, was Vice Captain of Neutral Bay Girls Junior High in 1948 and believes those years were the happiest years of her life. She chose this school especially for me as I wished to study music as an elective subject. The music room under the trees at the end of the grounds was like a magnet for me.  Our music teachers, Mrs Burkett and Miss Barker, were inspirational.’  …

… Between 1980 and 1990 Sharyn spent her time teaching in Geneva and performing in concerts around the world. ‘I played in beautiful cathedrals in Florence and Rome, baroque theatres, at the Palais de Versailles in Paris, and at operas and concerts in Switzerland and Germany. I also gave workshops in Israel and Australia. I had so many wonderful experiences with musicians from different cultures. Music was my life, my breath. Not one journey was made without my viola da gamba.’ 

Then, something happened that was to change the course of her life. …